Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GE Logiq 500 MD Ultrasound machine

GE company has the best experience in multiple medical equipment product such as ct scanner ,mri machine and ultrasound machine.one of the product is Logiq 500 MD ultrasound machine.Excellence in every clinical application. Exceptional ease-of-use. Truly premium ultrasound made portable. World-class support for every user. In these and many other areas the Logiq 500 MD is setting new standards for diagnostic ultrasound. GE’s Logiq 500 MD ultrasound system offers equal versatility in its display formats that can be matched to a users particular needs and boasts stunning imaging breakthroughs with use of 3D views and a variety of other impressive technologies.the complete feature for GE Logiq 500 MD mention below:
  • . 2-D, B/M-Mode
  • 12″ high resolution monitor, full swivel/tilt/height adjust monitor
  • Color Doppler
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • CFM – Color Flow Maps
  • Colorized B, M, and PW Doppler Displays
  • 256 shades of gray Digital Imaging Processing
  • Multifrequency
  • Dual Image Cine Display
  • Spectrum Invert
  • Scrolling Memory
  • User selectable/programmable presets
  • Power Doppler Imaging
GE Logiq 500 MD can be used for abdominal,fetal cardiac ,gynecology,obstetrical,smallpart and vascular  and urology.with excellent image this product will provide in best decision to give good treatment to the patient.


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