Sunday, September 16, 2012

HP Sonos 5500 Ultrasound Machine

Hospital with good medical equipment is really important,because the treatment is depend on it eventhough there are other think supporting  of the equipment is ultrasound machine.The HP Sonos 5500 is a ultra-high performance digital cardiovascular ultrasound and is HP's most successful ultrasound system. The HP Sonos 5500 features HP's Fusion Imaging, an innovation in two-dimensional and color-flow imaging, as well as HP's exclusive quantitative solutions for cardiac assessments.the hp sonos 5500 applicable for abdominal,pediatric,abdominal pelvis ,endovaginal,cardiac,OB/GYN,vascular,stress ECHO and transcranial Doppler.
 HP Sonos 5500 Features and benefits
  • High Frame Rate Scanning (Up to 300 Hz)
  • Lateral Gain Control, Continuous Loop Review
  • Intelligent Acoustic Quantification
  • HP Fusion Imaging, Built-In SVHS VCR
  • Acoustic CINE, Quantification, and Zoom
  • Dynamic Elevating Beamformer
  • Curved Linear support for abdominal studies
  • HP Colorization, ECG/AUX
  • 2-D, M-Mode, HD Color Flow, CW and PW Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler, Color Kinesis
  • Dual quick touch Plasma screen user interface
  • Dimensions: Height 59.5 in., Width 24.9 in., Depth 40.5 in., 470 lbs
  •  S3- 1-3 MHz- Ultraband Cardiac Transducers
  • S4- 2-4 MHz- Ultraband Cardiac Transducers
  • S8- 3-8 MHz- Ultraband Cardiac Transducers
  • S12-5-12MHz- Ultraband Cardiac Transducers
  • C3540- 2-5 MHZ- Ultraband Curved Linear Array (Abdominal/Vascular/OB)
  • C5040- 3-7 MHz- Vascular curved linear array
  • E6509- 4-8 MHz- Endovaginal Curved Linear Array
  • L7540- 4-8 MHz- Vascular/Small parts/Trapezoidal Linear Array
  • 11-3L- 3-11 MHz- Vascular/small parts Trapezoidal Linear Array
  • T6210- 4-7 MHz- Omniplane II TEE
  • C1914C- 1.9 MHz-CW Doppler


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